3D Print Shop

+ Which materials can I order 3D prints in?

Each item in the shop has a drop-down menu on its particular listing containing the materials it can be printed in, as well as the cost of each.

You can find more information on each material here.

+ Do your pendants come with a chain?

Necklace chains are not included, though all of my pieces are designed with a thin chain in mind, and are all displayed in their product photographs on a 2mm flat chain.

+ Can I get an existing design in a larger or smaller size?

Certainly! This applies not only to rings, but to any item in my shop. Just get in touch and I'll be happy to arrange it.

+ Can I get an existing design in a material not listed on its shop page?

Maybe! Some designs are too delicate to be printed in some materials, but if it can be printed safely I will be happy to make it available for you.

+ Can I add a custom engraving to an existing design?

Yes! You're free to contact me about any personal engravings you'd like added to one of my pieces. Just be aware that it will take some time, so plan accordingly for special gifts!

+ Do I have to do any polishing or processing once I receive my order?

Not unless you want to. Most materials are available in both polished, and natural (unpolished) finishes, and will arrive at your door ready to wear.

+ I would like to buy a large number of prints - can I get a discount?

Very possibly! Send me a message and we'll talk about it.

custom 3D prints

+ What's the best way to get in touch with you?

That depends on what you prefer! You can:

Send me an email through this form, or
Tweet at, or direct message me on Twitter, or contact me through Instagram.

+ What payment methods do you accept?

I take payment for commissions through PayPal.

+ How long does a custom piece take to make?

That is very dependant on the level of detail in the project. A fully-rendered sculpture of a figure might take weeks, whereas a smooth heart pendant with some engraved initials may only take a day or so.

Providing detailed info about your project helps me make better time estimates.

+ What information or reference should I provide?

Anything you have! Whether it's a written description, sketches, reference images, videos, or all of the above, the more info I have the more easily things move. Dimensions are vital wherever possible.

That being said, if you just have an idea in your head, don't despair! I'm happy to work with you to create your ideal piece, wherever you're starting from.

+ Can I get a cost estimate before starting the project?

Absolutely. I'll always do my best to estimate, based on your description and design, the overall cost and time for the project before anything starts.

+ Will you make a design for my shop or product line?

Sorry, no. At the moment I am only creating custom pieces for personal use.

+ Can I post pictures of my commissioned piece on social media?

Please do! I love seeing photos of the final prints once they're all done. Be sure to tag me in your shots - @emsculpts on both Twitter and Instagram.