custom 3d prints

Whether you have detailed design drawings, or just some exciting ideas, we’re here to turn them into reality. 3D printing is an endlessly versatile medium that allows for the creation of unique and personal gifts, replicas, prototypes, and artwork. If you’ve got your project in mind and are ready to make it real - click the button below.

Octopus 3D Print Process.png

example work

from imagination to reality

It’s often easy to find merchandise featuring our favourite characters from big franchises - but how do we create the same things for our personal stories? This pendant was invented as a talisman worn by a Dungeons and Dragons character - and now their player has a real version they can wear any time.

Left: Client design sketches, Right: Render of final 3D model

truly unique accents

3D printing can allow you to bring your personal expression into that special outfit, gift, or big event. These floral accents started as a simple sketch, but ended up as the finishing touch to an ideal wedding dress.

Left: Client sketch, Right: Render of the final 3D model


3D printing is an ideal solution for recreating old or unique items that would be difficult to replicate otherwise. This piece of furniture hardware is a great example of how an antique can not only be duplicated, but brought back to life as something new.

Left: Client reference image, Right: Render of the 3D modelled replica

lost items

Sometimes we lose track of something that isn’t easily replaced, and even if it’s very simple, may have lots of history or sentimental value attached to it. 3D printing offers a quick solution for recreating a favourite item - such as in the case of the lost earring pictured here.

Left: Client reference image, Right: Render of the 3D modelled replacement


Standing out in the minds of your customers can be the key to running a successful business, and custom 3D printed pieces featuring your name, image, or logo are a great way to get noticed. 

Left: Client logo, Right: Render of 3D modelled earrings